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What is Rabies?
How does the vaccination work?

The rabies vaccine injection contains an inactivated form of the Rabies virus. 3 doses of the vaccination are recommended on day 0, 7 and 21 or 28. Vaccination prepares the body's immune system to be able to fight off infection quickly. Vaccinated individuals may experience mild to no symptoms.

Who should be vaccinated?

Individuals considered at risk of exposure to rabies travelling outside the UK include:

  • animal workers who regularly travel to rabies enzootic areas

  • travellers to rabies enzootic areas especially if:

    • those visiting areas where access to post-exposure treatment and medical care is limited

    • those planning higher risk activities such as cycling and running

    • long-stay travellers (more than one month)

    • health workers in rabies enzootic areas who may have direct contact with rabies infected patients

How much does it cost?

£54 per dose (£162 per full course)

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