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Japanese Encephalitis

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What is Japanese Encephalitis?

Japanese encephalitis is a potentially severe viral brain infection usually transmitted through the bite of an infected Culex spp. mosquito.

Japanese Encephalitis is transmitted to humans in predominantly rural parts of Asia and the Pacific Rim where rice cultivation and pig farming are common.

How does the vaccination work?

The vaccine is an injection which contains an inactivated form of the Japanese encephalitis virus. Two doses of the vaccine are required. The second dose should be administered 28 days after the first dose. 

Who should be vaccinated?

Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccine is recommended for [7]:

  • Travellers who are going to reside in an area where JE is known to occur.

  • Travellers staying a month or longer in the risk area, especially if travel will include rural areas.

  • Travellers with shorter itineraries if risk is considered sufficient. For example, those spending time in rice fields (where the mosquito vector breeds) or close to pig farms.

  • Laboratory staff with the potential to be exposed to JE.

How much does it cost?

£90 per dose. 2 doses per complete course (£180)

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